About Me

I am a tech enthusiast who strives for perfection in almost everything, with avid passion for design and creation. Despite my being alone does not mean i do not complete tasks or jobs in time, i have a number of like minded individuals who are always at my call. Profesional comes first and i like to carry my duties with that in mind.

chate billy chilima

Chate Billy Chilima©
Computer Science Major and Free Lance developer

Chate Billy Chilima a self taught developer with a passion for creation. After i developed a love for web developement as well as graphic design, i enrolled as a student in the field of teaching in Computer Studies(ICT with Education) at Mufulira College of Education. And acquired my Diploma in the same field, after which i did a computer science degree for years while still working as a free lancer.

What i do

I create responsive and interative websites that are the standard of websites in design everywhere else in the world. I seek to push myself to be better than everyone else by incooperating the latest in creation designs. Fully committed to my passion and profession


Mufulira, Zambia